The company only use Mercedes Benz trucks and trailers are from Top Trailers and Trailmax

The following vehicle configurations are used:

PC 25.jpg

i. Back Tippers - 26 ton

Double Axle horse with a 26 ton
payload sloper Trailer.

PC 20.jpg

ii. Sliding Bin Back Tippers - 30 ton

Double Axle Horse with a 30 ton
payload sliding bin sloper trailer.


iii. Side Tippers – 28 ton

Double Axle horse with a 28 ton
payload three axle side tipper.


iv. Interlink Side Tipper combinations – 34 ton
Double axle horse with a 34 ton
payload interlink side tipper trailer.

The company owns all the vehicles and equipment they use in
their operation. Vehicles are either bought cash or on hire
purchase agreement over 48 months. Maintenance on vehicles
is done in our own workshop by qualified mechanics and
supervised by a qualified workshop manager. Servicing is done

on regular intervals according to service schedules. Vehicles are
also checked daily. The company replaces vehicles at regular
intervals to ensure an economical and cost-effective fleet.
All vehicles are fitted with Cartrack tracking devices and a fleet
management system, Pulsit, whereby vehicles are monitored on
computer. Drivers and vehicles are managed daily with strong
emphasis on speeding and route management. Time
management of vehicles is very important to the company.